About Us

Fish and Chips is the perfect marriage of two tried and tested raw materials. Free range, wild fish from the world’s oceans and Spuds from our very own British soil. The very first Fish House opened in 2006 to celebrate everything fantastic about the Nations favourite meal. Fish and Chips crosses all social barriers and has always been affordable food for the masses. It’s been a source of comfort and nourishment to every man, woman and child from all walks of life for over 150 years.

The Fish House of Notting Hill

To ensure that we deliver a pan perfect portion every time, we insist on being equipped with the latest high efficiency.

All fish is sourced responsibly from sustainable stocks with full traceability back to the catching vessel and their potatoes are grown, harvested and prepared for frying all on the same farm all year round to reduce food miles and deliver as fresh a portion as you can find anywhere.

Frying your fish to order

Here at The Fish House, we believe in freshly sourced products. We also believe in not letting good food go to waste, as well as not fishing more than you need.

Help us stop the senseless dumping of perfectly good fish back in the sea dead.
Support Hugh’s Fish Fight by signing up to the campaign at www.fishfight.net.

29 Pembridge Road
Notting Hill
W11 3HG

0207 229 2626
Monday — Sunday
11:30AM — 10:00PM