How to Choose Pillows Suitable for Each Age?

Did you know that at different ages, we have different habits, even in our sleep? So, when choosing a pillow, always remember to go for any products suitable for each age group. To provide you with better knowledge, we will now show you how to choose the right pillow for each age through the article below.

1. Choose Cushion for Kids

For young children, because the skeletal system is not fully developed, the choice of pillow will significantly affect the bone development of the baby later. Therefore, you should choose products with moderate hardness, usually made from pressed cotton and rubber, to ensure absolute safety for the child’s skeleton.

Besides, the color of the cushion also needs to be paid attention to when selecting a pillow. Playful and colorful colors are always one of the top priorities for developing your baby’s brain and helping them become more integrated with the surrounding life.

Children often like colorful pillows

2. Choice of Cushions for Teenagers

Teen is the age that likes to show affection and emotion the most. So, when choosing a pillow, you should focus on learning about their interests and factors that interest them. In this age, they are often attracted by creative pads that are a little mischievous and a little elegant.

Adolescents are the age when there is a clear gender difference, so it’s a good idea to choose colors that match their gender. Girls often prefer soft, fresh colors, while boys usually prefer intense, strong colors.

3. Choose Cushion for Middle Age

The middle aged often show signs of insomnia or nervous tension, which may lead to poor sleep. So the best pillows need to be soft with gentle, relaxing colors. Do not choose colors that are too bright or dark as that will affect the psychology of the middle-aged people.

The middle aged is very susceptible to disc herniation, so you should choose the type of pillow with the thickness that suits the health condition they are living with. Do not select pads that are too thin because they do not have the depth to support the middle-aged body and may cause worse pain when sleeping. In this case, you should choose spring pillows or rubber pillows.

4. Choose Cushion for Seniors

Old age is a challenging time because of insomnia, so during this period, proper pads are essential. Do not choose the type of pillows that is too hard or too soft; and opt for colors that are gentle, not too hot, not too cold, these help the elderly feel comfortable. Please do not use too old mattress because it can affect the airways of the elderly.

Besides, seniors often have arthritis, their lying position should be put into consideration when choosing the mattresses. In this case, you should choose the product according to the advice of a therapist.


Different ages have different needs for different pillows, and when you understand the psychology of each age group, you will know how to choose the best products for them. Of course, in addition to paying attention to the age of each person, you should also pay attention to their hobbies because there are some people whose interests are not the same as others of the same period.

Through this article, I think you have gained more knowledge about the characteristics of each age and how to choose pillows that suit them. If you still have any questions, please contact us immediately for specific answers.

I hope you become smart shoppers!